Kentucky Wood Floors

Kentucky Wood Floors | When choosing a reasonable selection for hardwood flooring, simply visit LM Flooring. LM Flooring offers many of the finest quality products in the industry – all hand scraped with engineered construction and smooth grade finishes. Despite as a relatively young supplier, LM Flooring has built itself among the industry’s best because it’s an eco-friendly company – LM produces a lot of its floors from recycled materials!

LM uses both domestic and exotic species because of its floors, with exotics which include African Ebony, Brazilian Cherry, Merbau, Bamboo, Ironwood, Ipe, Teak, and Sucupira Preta. Years ago, exotic woods were seen as luxury that exactly the wealthy meet the expense of. LM Flooring offers these exotics at a low price within the Kendall Exotics Collection.

The Popular Brazilian Cherry 3″ Natural is on sale for $3.83 per square foot. Merbau 3″ Natural is definitely $3.67. All Kendall Exotics have a 25-year warranty on the ground finish which enable it to be placed on, above, or below ground levels.

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If you desire something more traditional, LM offers its Heritage Collection, with the character and charm of other hand scraped wood at a fraction in the cost! The Heritage Collection is perfect should you be looking with the time-worn look. Our favorites would be the Hickory Colonial 5″ and Heritage Maple Cider 5″ woods. You can find both for $4.79 per square foot.

Aside from price, LM Flooring distinguishes itself using their company wooden flooring suppliers by crafting each piece of wood one plank at a time. LM’s floors feature beveled edges and distressed wood with the choice of decorative borders and other architectural details.