Stop Couches From Sliding On Wood Floors

Stop Couches From Sliding On Wood Floors | Longing to outfit your property which has a rustic, country setting? It all starts which has a solid foundation, plus a homeowner’s case, that means hard wood floors to capture the style you’re heading for. Armstrong Flooring’s Blackwater Classics can be a newer collection of distressed wood flooring that provides a top level of color variations, that’s suitable for the rustic, country appeal. Species particularly collection are American cherry wood flooring and walnut wood flooring.

Blackwater Classics’ floors are engineered, meaning they’re suitable for any climate and environment, even areas that get a fair amount of moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens.

The cherry wood flooring and walnut wood flooring within this collection can be bought in four staining options: Amberglow Cherry, Antique Natural Walnut, Fireside Cherry, and Vintage Brown Walnut. The walnut floors show more color variations as opposed to cherry ones because of the darker staining, even though cherry wood’s natural reddish undertones shine through the staining beautifully.

The floors within this collection all use a low gloss finish, which increases the country feel, along with the width of the planks – five-inch planks are more of the traditional look as opposed to modern-day three-inch narrow planks.

Edges and ends are both squared rather than beveled, which again, favors traditional style and shies from the trendier techniques used today, although it’s not to convey which you couldn’t pair this floor which has a modern-day decorating scheme.

In fact this line, although it does feature distressed woods, it doesn’t limit the homeowner to just one style. All colors within this collection are versatile and can be paired alongside warm and cool tones, and light and dark colors. Bold colors, furniture, and decor could modernize a room in the event that’s what are the homeowner chooses, of course this style truly does favor a comfortable, casual setting. If you have sleek, skinny furniture along with your kitchen has stainless-steel appliances, this is not a floor for you personally.

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But, if you love the style of timeworn cupboards and treasure your great grandfather’s antique rocking chair that has been passed on through generations, than the certainly is the hardwood floor choice for you personally to consider!

For more information on Armstrong Blackwater Classics flooring collection or another distressed wood flooring, speak to a hard wood floors retail specialist to go over your choices.